I am a marathon runner and after working through an injury with Nicole when I returned to running I found I was running faster and putting in less effort.

Charlotte Firth, Windsor

I came to see Nicole because I could no longer run without shoulder pain. I have seen other types of therapists but the pain hadn’t permanently gone. Nicole set me simple exercises which mean I can now go running without having to stop. A first!

Antoinette Driver-Davies, London

As a former professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter, optimal performance has and is always the goal. Working with Nicole has helped me find hidden strength that seemed unobtainable before. The importance of ‘resetting’ your body, and building on top of a good chassis cannot be underestimated. She has also helped me gain range of movement I thought I had lost forever, and I feel more powerful than ever before. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are priceless, and her programs are a great addition to anyone’s arsenal.

Neil Broadbent, London

I saw Nicole originally for the pains I was getting in my back and shoulders but after one session with her the bigger and more important picture became very clear to me. Nicole opened my eyes to the benefits and importance of postural alignment, not just for the relief of pain which it did wonders but for performance and most importantly basic human function. Not only am I totally pain free but I now move, look and feel 100 times better. Nicole has had a positive impact on all aspects of my life and for that I’m eternally grateful. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you.

Ben Thompson, Slough

I was due to go in for key hole shoulder surgery…I was not feeling confident, but the pain was excruciating, sleepless nights and performance at work/home being effected, the last resort was the op ! After strong persuasion from my PT I called Nicole and she was great from the 1st minute of contact. I agreed to postpone the op for 4 weeks and give her methods and exercises a trial, I will be honest, I was sceptical, but the pain was so bad, I found myself rigorously following the exercises, daily as instructed, even if that meant waking 1 hour earlier ! Nicole was always there at the end of the phone for encouragement, advise and support ! By week 4, encouraging improvement signs were being seen and I cancelled my op. What can I say – believe, do the program, make the time to complete ALL the exercises and you WILL see results!

Jo White-Doyle, Ascot

Dear Nicole,

A year ago, I truly found it hard to believe your assertion that if I were to follow your programme and work hard, that I would be ‘pain free’. After over 30 years of dysfunctional use, you helped me to understand why my body was complaining through pain, more importantly you helped me to hear those complaints and gave me a range of responses to them. Today I can assert that not only I am ‘pain free’, I am ‘pain aware’.
As this new found respect for my body evolved, my pain symptoms began to abate, brining encouragement to continue to follow a process which can be nothing short of self dedication in order to achieve results. Your breadth of knowledge facilitated further discussions and learning around wider diet and lifestyle issues which have been complemented my physical and psychological journey.
I must thank and credit Pete Egoscue for bringing us together, but I want to express my sincere thanks to you for showing me how to implement his framework. In addition, you have complimented this learning with a broader understanding of the psychological and physiological aspects to my ‘pain free’ journey.
Our time together has been life changing for me.
Thank you.

Daniel Williams, Norwich

I was diagnosed with Coccydemia, which is anti-inflammation of the Coccyx, resulting in constant pain.  I was given a lot of pain and anti-inflammatory medication and also medication to stop me getting an ulcer from the other medication. I was getting very depressed with both the medication and the level of pain, it was not subsiding, and the effect on my family was becoming huge. Dealing with constant pain makes you constantly tired and irritated.  My tolerance level was non-existent; it was taking all my energy to cope with a day at work in constant pain. I was unable to sit in the car for long periods of time, could not go to the cinema, out for dinner etc without forward planning due to the pain afterwards. The local doctors surgery had told me that if I could no longer cope with the side effects of the medication I would be put forward to have steroids injected into my spine!

I had my first appointment with Nicole and she informed me that my pelvis was tilted, twisted and elevated on one side, which would in turn put pressure on my coccyx. Nicole gave me some intensive exercises to do and within a few weeks I was already seeing periods of time where I was pain free, I came off the medication and we changed to programme to fit in with my busy lifestyle, over the coming months these pain free period got longer and longer, 4 months later I had weeks where I was pain free, I no longer needed to adapt my life around my inability to sit for period of time. I am now on a maintenance programme, I have been off the medication for over 4 months and even went on a long haul flight, which was unimaginable just 6 months ago.

I was ruled by my body and I was at the end of my tether dealing with the pain, now I have my life back, I do not limit anything and am able to apply the correct exercise to any aliments I have if I have them. It took me a while to realize but only I can help myself – Nicole gave me the tools I needed but I had to action them!

Gemma English, Milton Keynes

I hurt my back and by the time I first went to the doctor, a few weeks later, I could barely move for the pain in my lower back. Over the next two years, I spent many hours – and a lot of money – on consultations with a chiropractor, an osteopath and a physiotherapist: I also tried acupuncture. I was referred to a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, who sent me for an MRI scan, looked at the results and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. By this time I had pins and needles in my left leg and was taking maximum doses of paracetamol and ibuprofen so that I could actually half-way function. Eventually the physiotherapist suggested I see a consultant neurologist who looked at the MRI told me the column in my spine down which my spinal cord runs, was gradually narrowing, therefore grabbing the spinal cord and causing the pain and pins and needles. He suggested that eventually I would need surgery, but in the meantime referred me to a consultant in pain management and I went in as a day patient to Frimley Park Hospital to have some painkilling injections.

A colleague suggested I contact Nicole who “had worked wonders on his back” and when the painkilling injections wore off after three months, and the pain came back, Nicole was – to my mind – my last resort. I had begun to think that back pain was just going to be part of my life and I would just have to get used to it. At my first consultation, Nicole spent a lot of time going into the history of my back, right back to falling down the stairs over 20 years ago. She measured and assessed where the pain was and I came away with a 40-minutes exercise programme to do every single day. Needless to say, I was extremely dedicated to doing those exercises, and even in the first week before my next consultation with Nicole, there was some relief from the pain. I persevered with the changing exercise programme as improvement happened. The pins and needles disappeared very early on and the pain lessened and now I have my life back. I still see Nicole on an occasional basis and do the exercises 3-4 times a week. I am running again, going to the gym three times a week and almost don’t consider I have a back problem. I still get an aching back if I do too much gardening or spend hours shopping or walking round an exhibition, but that’s normal. I get back to the exercises and stretching and all is well again. Nicole has been a life saver and I am recommending her to anyone I meet who has a back problem.

Jean Cozens, Windsor

I came to see Nicole originally to find a solution for my ankle pain but one of the really great side effects of dealing with that issue was that for the first time in a very long time, I could stand up straight and I got rid of my slouch.  Given that I have a client facing role in an investment bank and often have to present to groups of people, I feel that I make a far better personal impact to people I don’t know by standing better.  It’s a subtle point but when you are round shouldered your body language is less confident and can be almost apologetic, whereas when you stand up straight you come across as more powerful and sure of yourself.  As a woman working in a male dominated environment, this has boosted my self confidence and of course, I don’t have any ankle pain any more!
Emma Porter, Milton Keynes

I had been feeling a pain in my right knee at work, I have suffered with back pain for a number of years & so went to see a physiotherapist who suggested I go & see my doctor.

I could go into detail about my dealings with the NHS etc but suffice to say I was diagnosed with “Profound osteoarthrosis in the lateral compartment of my right knee, that was principally posterolateral”; I was told I had bicompartmental osteoarthrosis

I was put on Naproxen & Omeprazole, the first a pain killer & the second to counteract the harm the first would do to my stomach & was told I needed a knee replacement, but that the new knee would only last 20 years so to stay on the pain killers until it go too much. (I was 55)

I drive as part of my work & sitting for any time was painful. I also have dogs & found I couldn’t walk for too long, especially on uneven ground.

My wife said she had found someone that could help & I should go & see her. I should explain here that my wife is a great believer in alternative treatments & therapies & I am what could be best described as a cynic, but she insisted so I went. So that is how I ended up at Nicole’s treatment room.

Within 2 week’s of starting the exercises I had stopped taking the Naproxen & haven’t taken one since.  I was driving for eight hours the day before I wrote this testimonial & had no pain. To be frank I don’t think about my knee any more & now think of the exercises as a health benefit.

I am still seeing Nicole as the exercises I do change as my posture (& body) alter & strengthen muscles. For me Nicole’s treatment has been a life changer as I am sure I would have been on pain killers for years & then undergone a knee operation if I (or more accurately my wife) had not found her.

Maurice Crockett, Bristol

I came to see Nicole with a thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis, (an “S” shaped spine); a pelvic rotation and elevation on one side, so my right side was shorter than my left. Nicole saw I also had a femoral rotation and knock knees and flat feet. I had pain in my calf muscles and ankles when walking, and I could not carry much in a shopping bag as my shoulders were too painful. My whole body looked like it was collapsing inwards and downwards. I had problems from childhood, so these were chronic issues.


I was very surprised to notice improvements immediately in the first week, especially with my shoulders, and they were clearly visible in the photos of my second session. Every session showed good visible improvements in my posture and I was also gaining more flexibility and strength.  I now have a completely different posture to the one I came to see Nicole with. My spine is now quite straight,  and my back is now concave instead of convex, with toned muscles, and my shoulders, hips and pelvis are balanced. My knees are straight, not twisted; my feet point straight forward and are no longer flat. My leg muscles also look a lot more toned.  My breathing is much easier and deeper as my chest is more open, and my internal organs have more space. I can walk without pain and carry a heavy bag full of shopping and have more confidence in my body.


Nicole was very positive and gave me a lot of confidence. I felt fully supported and guided every step of the way.


Deborah Lindesay-Bell, Solihul