Postural Alignment Therapy Terms and Conditions

Postural alignment therapy must be safely practised in order to offer protection to the client and the practitioner. This is Nicole Parsons’s code of good practice. Some of the points below are also set out by insurance companies.

1. Postural alignment therapy recommendations are intended neither to diagnose nor to treat any diagnosed medical condition(s). Postural alignment therapy advice is not a substitute for professional medical advice and/or treatment. The aim of postural alignment therapy is to support optimal health. You should always consult your GP regarding any serious health concerns or suspected medical conditions.


2. The advice and guidance given will depend on the information provided during the initial consultation and feedback from you throughout your programme. No responsibility can be accepted in cases where diagnosed medical conditions have been omitted or medication details have not been fully disclosed, either initially or if changed by your doctor whilst following your programme.


3. It is your responsibility to keep your doctor up to date about the postural alignment programme you have been provided with. This is especially important if you are taking prescribed medication from your doctor.


4. Whilst the degree of benefit obtainable from postural alignment therapy may vary between individuals, success of the programme will depend on your compliance and commitment. No responsibility can be accepted if a third party interferes with any recommendations.


5. If you are ever unclear about any aspect of the consultation or recommendations given, please never hesitate to ask for further clarification. Due to postural alignment therapy being an individualised programme it is possible for clients to occasionally have a temporary increase in symptom or feel a symptom elsewhere in the body as a result of the body adjusting, re-balancing and reorganising as it moves back to correct alignment. It is the client’s responsibility to inform Nicole within 48 hours so she can adjust the programme for them relative to the feedback from their body.