Why Become Certified?

If you have a passion for helping people to discover a permanent solution for their chronic pain then the Postural Alignment Specialist certification will take you through the full process of understanding posture and give you the knowledge and practical skills to confidently begin working with clients straight away.

Learn cutting-edge postural techniques and explore the theory of alignment, re-education of functional movement and rehabilitation.

Using these simple yet remarkably effective exercises to supplement the knowledge you already have will enable you to reach a broader base of clients and add value to your current clients by moving them towards their goals at the fastest possible safe pace to obtain even better results.

How this will add value to your clients?

You will:-

  • Be able to set the foundation for your clients to move correctly therefore preventing them from injury.
  • Be able to educate your clients as to the root cause of their pain.
  • Set yourself apart in your field as a Postural Alignment Specialist.


What do you need to do?

To qualify for the seminar there are 7 online modules for PAS 1 and 7 for PAS 2 that need to be completed. These can be completed more than comfortably within 3 months. Full certification is given for completion of PAS 1 and 2 online and live seminar and case studies.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course you will be able to:-

  • Complete a full assessment and analysis of your client’s posture.
  • Understand the relationship between structural alignment and human biomechanics.
  • Correct muscle imbalances, compensated posture and motion through designing a specific programme of appropriately selected and sequenced exercises that will give your clients symptom relief immediately.


What’s the next step?

Contact me to book in for a FREE 30 minute Skype or phone conversation to answer any questions you may have.

When you register for PAS 1 and 2 together you will receive a 90 DAY FREE TRIAL of the ePete software valued at £195.

ePete software will enable you to create your client programmes from a database of over 400 exercises. Your clients will have the benefit of:-

  • A pdf of the full programme with pictures and instructions emailed to them to print out or use on their smart devices.
  • An online account with videos of the exercises and a data base of all their programmes.
  • Excellent after care and support.


Kinds Words From Happy Students

“The experience was amazing, the direction, practical experience was essential in helping. Nicole really was thoughtful, clear, passionate and informative and has real technical and practical knowledge. We really needed the experience, otherwise I may not have continued with just the online course. I fully recommend Nicole; she was inspiring and a professional whilst being approachable and friendly.”

– Anish Patel

“From a very unconfident start, my concerns were quickly reduced. The seminar was excellent for bringing the material alive, engaging and inspiring. Nicole shared her wealth knowledge, vast experience and guided us through the whole process with ease. I’m now ready to engage with the Egoscue method with a clear direction and hope to bring better postural alignment to my clients and community.”

– Siobhan Guthrie

Find out more here or if you are ready to start your journey to becoming a Postural Alignment Specialist so that you can make a real difference to your client’s lives and increase your fees contact Nicole NOW to book a free Skype to find out how.