Performance Training

Build full body power from the base up with performance training. Ensuring you move efficiently is fundamental to improving your performance no matter what sport you choose.

You can only perform in your sport as well as your body will allow you to.

Build full body power from the base up. Ensuring you move efficiently is fundamental to improving your performance no matter what sport you choose.

To perform to your absolute best in your sport you have to train physically, technically, mentally and strategically. By correcting the biomechanics of the body you free your body and therefore your mind to concentrate on technique and strategy….and enjoyment of the game or sport! By resetting your postural foundations, restoring full function to all of your joints and reconnecting the body you can open up your full capacity for strength, power, flexibility and efficiency of movement.

Is your chassis twisted?

If you had a car with a twisted chassis and you only used it for short trips to the shops and back you may not really notice the problem and the damage it would cause. With low force through the car the wear and tear on the engine would take a long time to show up.

If you then took that same car to the race track and drove it at high speed over a longer distance the force pushed through the chassis would start to cause wear and tear to the engine and the car would break down much faster.

This is what happens when you take your body to the gym or an exercise situation when it is misaligned.

Are you driving your body towards an injury

When your body is in the correct alignment and moving properly exercise positively stresses your body. That is how we get stronger, fitter and faster. We regularly apply a specific overload stress to our body and it then adapts to that overload by getting stronger or faster. We then increase the load and the body adapts to the new stress and our fitness continues to increase.

When your body is imbalanced and out of alignment the muscles ligaments and tendons are already stressed and when you take your body into an exercise situation it experiences a negative stress. Your body does the best it can by compensating and using its strengths to get around its weaknesses. This may be fine for a while but over time you train and strengthen these imbalances into your body. This is the perfect way to set your body up for an injury.

Wasted blood sweat and tears

We all know how frustrating it can be to be training well and feeling great and then an injury stops us in our tracks and we lose the benefit of all those hours of the blood sweat and tears. Your bespoke programme will not only resolve your pain but help prevent future injury allowing you to get on with your training unhindered.

Fulfil your potential

Your programme is individually tailored to your needs in that it creates the foundation for correct human movement using Postural Alignment Therapy (The Egoscue Method) and Functional Biomechanics then adds the right proportion of mind-set (NLP), where needed. Then it’s up to you to master your sport and fulfil your potential! How far can you take it with a body that is performing as you would want it to?