Kind Words from Happy Students

“The material (reading and online) provided by the University was good; however, the in person seminar with Nicole, having the opportunity to learn experimentally within the group, was invaluable to comprehending the material on a deeper level to help both myself and future clients and has given me a greater sense of confidence on what I can achieve with Egoscue.”

– Avril O’ Higgins

“The experience was amazing, the direction, practical experience was essential in helping. Nicole really was thoughtful, clear, passionate and informative and has real technical and practical knowledge. We really needed the experience, otherwise I may not have continued with just the online course. I fully recommend Nicole; she was inspiring and a professional whilst being approachable and friendly.”

– Anish Patel

“From a very unconfident start, my concerns were quickly reduced. The seminar was excellent for bringing the material alive, engaging and inspiring. Nicole shared her wealth knowledge, vast experience and guided us through the whole process with ease. I’m now ready to engage with the Egoscue method with a clear direction and hope to bring better postural alignment to my clients and community.”

– Siobhan Guthrie

“Without having done this in-person seminar, I wouldn’t have felt ready to go to the public with my knowledge or skill set. This was a phenomenal experience. I have been blown away by Nicole’s passion, her very complex information into very understandable bite sized chunks. She has stayed with us and shown us compassion and huge encouragement and now I feel ready to take the Egoscue Method proudly to Greystones in the East coast of Ireland.”

– Ria Cusack

“My experience at the PAS1 and PAS2 seminar has been very positive. The benefits have been huge- without the in person seminar, I would not have felt confident to move forward as a Postural Alignment Specialist. In contrast, I now feel very confident that I can take someone through the entire therapy process and be an asset in helping people get out of pain. The practical skills that have been developed have been invaluable. A huge thank you to Nicole for her patience, expertise and fantastic teaching abilities!”

– Joel Klein

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to take the in-person seminar PAS 1-2 in England, which of course is much more convenient than going to the US. I think it is absolutely necessary to do this seminar in person. Nicole brought the hands-on learning in a very logical, smooth process. Nicole explains everything so well, has an answer for every question. She continually demonstrates what she is explaining clearly. She is positive, upbeat, so full of knowledge and experience to convey to her students.”

– Bobbi Maulet

“It is clear to see why Nicole is the top Postural Alignment Therapist in the UK, she is an excellent instructor and makes some of the less clear theory in the online materials come alive in person. I actually don’t see how you can be an optimum therapist without the guidance of a mentor like Nicole. I am really excited to get going and use all my new skills and knowledge!”

– Ellie Burt

“Brilliant seminar!

Nicole has done a fantastic job in guiding us through the course with eloquence and precision (and fun). I now feel that I understand how to apply Egoscue with clients and am really enthused to get going and help people.

Thank you so much Nicole.”

– Chris Smith

“A great week and learned loads. I feel confident to work with clients with the knowledge I have now and am very much looking forward and getting some hands on experience and having lots more learning. Nicole is an awesome teacher with a wealth of knowledge. Very impressed with the quality of her delivery. Thank you!”

– Roz Holmes