A Bit About Nicole Parsons

I come from a line of crazy South Africans. My Granddad is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest person to do the highest bungee jump at the age of 96! (link)

Both my parents ran, scuba dived, and parachuted their way through their younger years. Now in their mid-sixties they have settled down to mountain biking extreme trails that I can only follow with my heart in my mouth.

I feel very blessed to have these inspirational role models and am grateful to be able to share with my clients the knowledge that we are designed to be active well into our golden years. Enjoying an active life in later years is directly linked to the quality and quantity of movement throughout your life, and it is never too late to start!

Being born and brought up in the UK my parents got me off to a good start. They encouraged my sister and I to try a wide variety of sports, to see which we enjoyed the most. After having a go at gymnastics, swimming, athletics, canoeing, trampolining, dancing, horse riding and badminton I chose the athletics route and competed up to national level in 1500m, Cross Country and Race Walking, winning the English Schools, Nationals and AAA Championships in Race Walking age sixteen.

I have always had a fascination with the human body and I knew that I wanted to work with sports people. A degree in Sport Rehabilitation and Sport Science Degree soon followed. I graduated in 1998 and got straight out to work. Knowing that I wanted to treat my clients holistically led me to explore the inextricable link between the body, the mind and nutrition. The tools I added to my box along the way were a Functional Biomechanics Diploma, Sports Massage, Kinesiology, Reiki, NLP, ITEC in Nutrition and Raw Food Chefing.

In 2003 I was working with a forward thinking Osteopath who introduced me to Egoscue. At university I had fallen into sporadic training and had started to suffer knee pain. After my first Egoscue session I felt an immediate improvement in my symptoms and change in my body. However what struck me most was the overwhelming feeling that there was an inherent simplicity and basic truth in this method. I decided to become an Egoscue Therapist. As soon as I started to apply this approach with my clients their results and their adherence improved quite radically.

Practically no one in the UK knew what Egoscue was, so education was the key. I wanted to get the message out there so I started delivering talks wherever I could and built a busy thriving practice getting my clients out of pain.

It has been a real gift to have been able to help thousands of clients to restore the correct design function to their body and rediscover their innate resilience so they can enjoy being fit and active again. To be part of the process enabling clients to start to listen to, and connect with their inner wisdom, thus empowering the realisation in them that they know what is best for their body has been a true privilege.

One of the questions my clients would ask me on a regular basis was “Why haven’t I heard about Egoscue before?” This and the desire for more people in the UK and Europe to have access to the tools to take responsibility for their health lead me to become an Egoscue Instructor. This part of my journey has already created a growing community of UK therapists and taken me to Norway to teach. With the next PAS 1 and 2 seminars booked, I am looking forward to growing and supporting the community of therapists in the UK and Europe.

If you would like to join the UK Egoscue family I would love to hear from you.       Email: nicole@nicoleparsons.co.uk or Call: 0044 7951 697577

I came to see Nicole because I could no longer run without shoulder pain. I have seen other types of therapists but the pain hadn’t permanently gone. Nicole set me simple exercises which mean I can now go running without having to stop. A first!

Antoinette Driver-Davies, London