Injury Recovery and Prevention

Giving you the tools and education about your body you need to give you a lasting solution to your pain.
From a persistent niggle to diagnosed injuries to issues you have lived with for years, taking you from pain to freedom of movement with significant results within one session.

Root Causes

Whether you have had your injury for months or years or your symptoms have just recently started the root cause of your issues is that the deep stabilising muscles of your body (your posture) are not doing their job and your body is not moving correctly (your biomechanics).

Misaligned Muscles

When the deep stabilising or postural muscles of your body are balanced your joints are correctly aligned and you move freely enjoying a pain free active lifestyle as you were designed to.


There are different layers of compensations, those that were there for years before the injury and went unnoticed due to the clever nature of our bodies. Your body uses these compensations to get around its weaknesses and to take up the slack from one area when another is not doing its job. This over time leads to an area and a muscle, ligament or tendon becoming so stressed that an injury and pain occurs. Due to the pain another layer of compensations is built up as the body moves further and further away from balance in an attempt to cope with this pain. This then puts more stress on the body causing other areas over time to become injured.

Freedom to live a pain free active lifestyle

Your individually tailored treatment plan will effectively deal with all compensations by creating the foundation for correct human movement using Postural Alignment Therapy (The Egoscue Method) and Functional Biomechanics then adding the right proportion of mind-set (NLP), where needed. By restoring your body’s natural muscle balance your individually tailored treatment plan will not only give you immediate symptom relief but also help to protect you from future injuries giving you the freedom to live a pain free active lifestyle.