Functional Biomechanics

What is Functional Biomechanics?

Basically Functional Biomechanics means making sure your body is moving properly. Your postural muscles and the correct biomechanics of the body are the foundation and basis of all human movement. When your deep postural muscles are balanced they create a stable platform for your major muscles to produce maximum strength, power and flexibility which creates speed, efficiency and fluidity of movement. This enables your body to perform to the highest level of its potential.

Functional Biomechanics rehabilitates, prevents injury and builds full body power from the base up by looking at the root cause of the problem and restoring the body to its designed function.

By understanding the correct movement of the body, exercises can be designed that don’t aggravate your injury so you can keep moving and maintain your fitness through the rehabilitation process.

What can I expect from a session?

Once we have established static stabilisation through the Egoscue Method and reduced symptoms we move on to the Functional Biomechanics Dynamic Assessment to see which movements you are missing at each joint. I then remove any blocks in the chain by manual mobilisation techniques and restore full range of movement through specifically designed dynamic movements. This is followed by specific exercises to load your body so that the changes are strengthened into your system.

Advanced Sports Specific programmes can be created to massively improve performance in any sport by breaking down the biomechanics of the movement and creating exercises that look and feel like your sport. I work with runners, triathletes, rugby players, golfers, skiers, martial artists and footballers and anyone who would like to improve their performance.


  • When your body is moving as it was designed to without any restrictions your performance in every area of your life is improved.
  • This training is fun! You will be engaged and challenged while learning about your body, losing inches, increasing muscle tone and strength and improving your cardiovascular fitness.
  • When functional strength is built on a base of muscle balance and posture the result is a physique that is balanced and well proportioned.
  • A marked improvement in strength, power and flexibility which creates speed, efficiency and fluidity of movement which translates to improved performance.
  • It doesn’t follow the latest fad as each piece of equipment is applied to the specific needs of your body.